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Age Tsadhel
Author Daihee
Instancing Standard


Tsadhel is a slightly experimental project designed to test the limits of how realistic an Age can be. It currently has a semi-realistic weather system, as well as a rudimentary day-night cycle. These two factors affect what can be observed and/or interacted with in each location. Sometimes these changes are minor, sometimes major, but every location is in some way affected by it.

Ideally, upon completion, the Age will be a fully immersive and believable system.


The weather of Tsadhel is broken into 5 options, ranging from clear skies to a torrential rainstorm. These each affect the light levels, the view-able altitudes (mountains obscured by clouds), though that isn't the limit of what weather can do to this Age.

The climate of the explorable area of Tsadhel is consistent, biased toward dry, but possibly cloudy, weather. However, if the conditions are right, the clouds can unleash a storm of biblical proportions on a moment's notice. The weather is currently updated every hour, though this might be changed to every half-hour.

Day and Night

While there are currently 4 different 'times' the Age can be in, effectively there is only two--day and night. These drastically affect the light levels in locations without artificial lighting (of which there are only a handful). The day-night cycle is regular, based around a 109324-second solar day, which is roughly equal to the D'ni yahr (which is 108821 seconds long).

Planned Features

Currently Daihee is spending his energies on updating the existing locations to be consistent with each-other and the weather/day-night system. After that there are plans for sunrise/sunset special cases, as well as the possibility of cycles for Tsadhel's two moons.

The completed Age will consist of at least 57 locations, 52 of which will be heavily dependent on weather and time of day or night.

This is obviously a massive project, and it is still very much a work in progress. However, feel free to visit the Age and see what can be seen.


The entirety of the explorable Age takes place at the western edge of a mountain range. Three glacial valleys extend from the heights and empty onto a large moraine lake. The useful Age currently is from the center of one of these valleys out to the moraine on the far side of the lake. When completed, the player will be able to explore all three valleys, climb the mountain ridges separating them, and even venture deep into the unknown to the east.