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Text is a type of property that stores a block of text which may contain markup to insert links, formatting or dynamic code. Text properties may be focused by a player.


Text properties are actually Python dictionaries with the following fields:

  • "type": "text" - Determines that this is a text property. Can be set in the build interface by selecting Text from the type drop-down menu.
  • "text": string - The actual text. Can be set in the build interface using the Text text field.

Special names

If a text property is named after one of these names, it will automatically be used for a specific purpose. It can still be linked to and focused by a player, however this is not necessarily good for anything.

instancepane (realm property)
This text will be shown under the Instance section of the sidebar and is always accessible from anywhere in the realm.
desc (location property)
The main description of the location, shown in the main text area to players in that location.
portaldesc (location property)
The description shown when viewing a portal to the location. If this property is missing, the text "The destination is hazy." will be shown instead.