From Seltanikor
Age Terelin
Author Pavitra
Instancing Shared

Terelin (D'ni – “contact”) is a small Age featuring a variety of technical gimmicks.


  • Most prominently, the focus pane is avoided in favor of toggling descriptions directly in the main location text. (Please don't do this in your own Ages; it breaks with the standard unified style, and is unnecessarily annoying to implement.)
  • The guestbook is a version of the Dusty Hill visitor tally that resists ballot-stuffing.
  • The sign is a simple boot counter, which increments automatically when the server is restarted. Unfortunately, a reboot will only be counted if the Terelin instance is awake at the time.
  • The typewriter is a string that visitors can append to, one character at a time.
  • The scroll works similarly, but visitors append whole strings instead of single characters, and the visitor's name is added automatically. Only the last five messages are stored. The whiteboard acts as a staging area for composing messages, which can then be transferred to the scroll.

Other things to try

There's not much to really discover in Terelin, but have you...

  • ...clicked the same description-link twice in a row?
  • ...looked at the pool?
  • ...tried jumping the fence?