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While to some extent any information whatsoever might be considered a spoiler, Seltanikor articles should try, to the extent practical, to enable readers to preserve the experience of discovering and exploring an Age for the first time.

At the same time, there will be many readers who are seeking spoilers deliberately. Therefore, in order to provide both spoiler and non-spoiler information, please follow these guidelines:

  • The main version of any page (e.g., Example) should be spoiler-free. Such pages are known as non-spoiler pages.
  • If spoiler information on a topic exists, it should be placed on a /Spoilers subpage (e.g., Example/Spoilers). Such pages are known as spoiler pages.
  • To help people avoid accidentally spoiling themselves, a non-spoiler page should never link to a spoiler page. (Exception: if the existence of a particular Age is considered a spoiler, then the non-spoiler article on that Age is placed in /Spoilers categories.)
  • Because the existence of spoilers for a given topic is itself a spoiler, a non-spoiler page should not indicate whether any given spoiler page exists.
  • When editing a non-spoiler page, remember that there might exist a spoiler version of that page, and you might need to mirror your edit there.