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To the extent possible under law, the person who associated CC0 with this work has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.

This is a multi-page journal with navigation links, displayed in the focus pane. If the player leaves and comes back, they will return to the same page they left off. Different players can read different pages without interfering with each other.

Everything on this page is released under CC0, so you're free to use it in your own Ages.

To show the journal, use [journal], as in “There is a [journal] here.”

Player properties

journal_page: Value


Location properties

journal: Text

[$em][[(journal_data)[min(player.journal_page, len(journal_data))-1] ]][$/em]

[$if player.journal_page <= 1]
  First – Back
  [First|player.journal_page=1] – [Back|journal_back]
– Page [[min(player.journal_page, len(journal_data))]] –
[$if player.journal_page >= len(journal_data)]
  Next – Last
  [Next|journal_next] – [Last|player.journal_page=len(journal_data)]

journal_back: Code

player.journal_page = min(player.journal_page, len(journal_data))
player.journal_page = player.journal_page - 1
player.journal_page = max(player.journal_page, 1)

journal_next: Code

player.journal_page = player.journal_page + 1
player.journal_page = min(player.journal_page, len(journal_data))

journal_data: Value

This is where you will write the actual content of your journal. It must be formatted as a list of strings, with each string containing one page of text. The order of the pages in the journal is the same as the order of the strings in the list.


['My First Journal',
 'This is page 2 of the journal (page 1 was the title page).',
 'This is page three.',
 "If you want apostrophes, you'll need to use double quotes."]