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The code behind a one-person chair.

Realm-wide properties:

on_wake: Code: locations.location_name_here.is_sat = False

This is just a simple line of code that makes sure that people aren't still counted as 'sitting' when the age is empty.

Location properties:

Place these in the location you'd like the chair to be.

desc: Text:

Normal description
[$if is_sat==ObjectId(players.player())]
  You could [stand up|chair_stand].
[$elif not is_sat]
  You could [sit in the chair|chair_sit].
  [[]] is sitting in the chair.
More description

Note that you can place [$if is_sat==ObjectId(players.player())] in front of things you want to appear when the person is sitting. For example, this:

[$if is_sat==ObjectId(players.player())]
  Behind you is the door that leads back out into the middle of the house.
  Behind you is the door that leads back [out into the middle of the house|back].

would make sure that the person sitting down can't leave without first standing up.

chair_sit: Code:

if not is_sat:
     is_sat = ObjectId(players.player())
     event("You sit in the chair.", text("[$name] sits down in the chair."))

chair_stand: Code:

if is_sat==ObjectId(players.player()):
     is_sat = False
     event("You stand up.", text("[$name] stands up."))

is_sat: Value: False

on_leave: Code:

if is_sat == ObjectId(players.player()):
  is_sat = False

A big thanks to Pavitra for helping me out on this one.