House of Many Things

From Seltanikor
Age House of Many Things
Author Pavitra
Instancing Shared

House of Many Things is planned to update on the 16th of every month.

  • 01 December: Lounge, featuring a visitor-editable paged whiteboard.
  • 08 December: North hall, featuring:
    • A lockable private room
    • Public and private protean rooms, amenable to reshaping to your purposes
    • A games room with cards and dice
  • 15 December: Turing rooms, found at the north end of the hall.
  • 22 December: Study, with visitor-editable journals, found east of the lounge and south of the games room.
  • 29 December: Courtyard, with a fountain.
  • 05 January: Creepy bedroom.
  • 12 January: Control room.
  • 19 January: Broom closet.
  • 26 January: Laboratory. Finding it is a puzzle.
  • 02 February: Endless hallway.
  • 09 February: Mystery rooms. There are three; you can only enter one.
  • 16 February: Cage room, located off the courtyard.
  • 16 March: Supply room. Please feel free to feed the gahrobah.
  • 16 April: Meditation room.
  • 16 May: Puzzle room. The puzzle isn't part of anything.
  • 16 June: Oubliette, in the laboratory. Lock your friends inside for fun and profit!