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I've seen a couple of people build guest-counters -- a simple ticker that can be incremented by any visitor.

If you do this naively, however, it will be left open to false counting. If a player spams the "sign" link, you don't want the counter to keep incrementing. It should be limited to once per player.

To do this, create a player default property in your world:

has_signed: (Value) False

And then a location property, for the counter:

counter: (Value) 0

The action code will a code property, like this:

sign_counter: (Code):

   if not player.has_signed:
     player.has_signed = True
     counter += 1
     event("You add a mark to the tally.", text("[$name] marks the tally."))
     event("You’ve already marked the tally.")

The text in the location description might look like this:

   [[counter]] people have marked the tally. [Mark it yourself?|sign_counter]

But if you want to remove the link entirely once it's been used, you could do this:

   [[counter]] people have marked
   [$if not player.has_signed]the tally. [Mark it yourself?|sign_counter]
   [$else]the tally, including you.

When testing, you can use the debug command /eval del player.has_signed to reset your has_signed flag.