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The chat pane is located at the bottom of the window. It displays dialogue from other players, as well as events.

The chat pane includes a prompt (marked with >) which allows the player to enter chat, poses, and commands.


Chat is displayed as entered. For example, typing

Hello, everyone.

will display

You say, “Hello, everyone.”

Other players will instead see

[Your name] says, “Hello, everyone.”

If your text ends with an exclamation point (!) or question mark (?), then “says” will be changed to “exclaims” or “asks” respectively.


Poses are entered with a leading colon (:), which will be replaced with your name and a space. For example, typing


will display

[Your name] waves.

You can type anything as a pose. These are all valid poses, and will do what you'd expect:

:points at the lever.

:flourishes a wand. “Abracadabra!”

:falls asleep on her keyboakjksdlasda;an;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

The /me command does the same thing:

/me waves.


Commands are entered with a leading slash (/), and are documented in the article Commands.